Small Universe needs Big Light.

Litescala is a flash diffuser created for you to make your macro photos limitless.

Let you photos brighten.

Litescala gives you opportunity of freely chiaroscuro modeling in small object photography.

Let your gear shine.

Litescala combines elegant, sleek materials with unique, individual design. Both are here for your smartphone to stand out and for you to feel classy.

Let your moment be catchable.

Litescala is always ready to accompany you everywhere. Almost indestructible materials, lack of electronics makes device perfect for outdoor photography. Intuitive settings do not permit to distract your attention from ideal moment to shoot.

Let your flash differ.

Trough the use of optical effects, flash light is directed and softened. As the shadow becomes smoothly controllable, the illumination variations are countless. Just to not stand between you and your imagination.

*) Photos of currently offered products can be found in section SHOP ( Devices, presented on the other images on this website may vary in appearance and specifications for the currently offered to purchase.

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